RUSSIA Moscow Kremlin

Kremlin - UNESCO site. Here you can see the largest bell in the worldwhich has never been rung - the TSAR BELL and the TSAR CANON - the biggest gun in the world, which has never been fired. The external walls of the Moscow Kremlin are from 5 to 17 meters high, more than 2 km long and guarded by 20 towers. Inside the Kremlin you can find the most important churches in Russiaincluding the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Madonna from the 15th century, the “Blagoveshchensky sobor” and “Arkhangeľsky sobor”, the tombs of the tsars, the belfry of Ivan the Great. In addition to these and other churches in the Kremlin you can find many significant palaces, such as Grand Kremlin Palace, completed in 1849, and the Terem Palace with the tsar’s private chambers. You can find exhibitions of the treasures that the Russian Empire collected over the centuries in several palaces, such as the Kremlin Armoury.