The tour was great. Hotels fine. St Petersburg hotel very well situated. Moscow hotel was best for price. Too expensive closer to city.
Food was great. Prefer local food.
Suzdal and Sergiev Possad  were really worth visiting. I personally loved the Slovetsky islands experience but the travel isn't for everyone. We jagged perfect weather. The guides were worth it. The train from Moscow was amazing. More time in St Petersburg instead of Slovetsky islands is a possibility for shopping and visiting that other palace and more time in the hermitage for those not up for the Slovetsky experience. Well worthwhile experience all round. 

Jessie from Australia

Greetings Dana,
This is once again to say a big THANK YOU to you for the just concluded tour with my group of pilgrims. You are a good person, kind, compassionate, and loving. Your interest in every individual's well being and state of mind was obvious and admired by almost everyone through out our entire tour. Thank you for all these as I continue to commend you to God through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

Fr. Emmanuel Australia

Dana, thank you very much for everything. You have been blessed by God with such  beautiful disposititions. You are caring, supportive and very sensitive to others needs. I could not asked for a better tour guide, you have excelled. I will never forget your hearty and sencere laugher. I thank you especially for the attention you gave me. You kept your cool in difficult moments. 
The program you pull together was well researched inspite of your limited knowledge of who we were. My problem was my own disability, but with your support I was able to manage. 
Keep up the good work you are doing. I am extremely grateful for all you have done. I know it was extremely hard work. You have fed us well and looked after us well.
God bless you.

Liz Balm, Western Australia

Dearest Dana, will miss u!!! 
Florida from Malaysia

Hi Dana good luck for your interests by other parishes... they would be crazy not to go with you on such a fun and blessed journey. Much love Jude
Jude Rutter, Western Australia

Come with an open mind, most interesting places was Hallstat, Eagle Nest and salt mine, but enjoyed all the places. I wish we had a free day at the major cities to relay and do some shopping. I will come again in a few years. Thank you for all your hard work and though put into this trip to make it enjoyable and to have good memories. Food was too much. 
I am very happy to be on this trip.
Thank you.

Shirely Hopkins, Western Australia

Hi Dana
Just a short note to thank you for organising such a fantastic trip and for taking such good care of all of us for 3 weeks. I'm sure there were times when we tried your patience. But your good humour always put things right. Besides the beautiful buildings and scenery I got some insight into the customs of the people who live in those beautiful countries. Hopefully I can visit again.

Colleen Ellis, Western Australia

Dear auntie Danka, thank you for such a nice trip, buy. We will miss you. See you next time if we meet again. 
Alex & Angela from Malaysia

Accommodation: Very happy with all accommodation. Even when lift not working. 
Bus/drivers: Both very helpful and pleasant. Bus comfortable.
Guide: Excellent. 
Program/trips: Excellent.
Food: Too much. Serves too big.
Whole trip: Wonderful. I would do it again. Maybe if I had more warning of the amount of hill climbing and stairs, I could have prepared better. But maybe I would not have come! And I am glad I came!!There are so many interesting parts that I find it too hard to differentiate. I loved every minute of the whole trip. I loved Mariazell even with all the steps!I think maybe you tried to fit too much in a short. Another couples of days as to overall would have been sufficient, and I/we would not have left rushed.But I loved every minute of the trip and I would do it all again!I would love to hear more about Russia.
Marie Mosca, Western Australia

The whole trip was excellent, totally outstanding. The most interesting was Eagles Nest and Salt mine.
Anonymous questionnaire 

Bus drivers were excellent, courteous and every ready to help.
Dana, thanks for organising such a wonderful pilgrimage for us. You showed us places we would otherwise not visited on a normal pilgrimage. Your love, care and thoughtfullness showed in everything you did for us, the drinks on the bus, the food along the way, you carried luggages, etc.
We highlight the Eagles Nest, Salt mine, Divine mercy and Black Madona, Infant Jesus and visiting Fr Pavol's family- tag the luggages in the future with the name of your company or an easily indentifiable stickers or ribbon- Bata canal can be excluded
Thanks again for making this pilgrimage so memorable, we will always remember this trip with fordness because of you. This has been our best trip ever and it because of you. We will definitely recommend you to the others and we hopre that some day we can do another pilgrimage with you.

Anonymous questionnaire 

Dear Dana,
It is so nice to hear from you.  We were all thinking of you at the reunion, with many reminiscences of you and our whole trip. 
On looking back, for me, it was by far the most beautiful coach trip I have ever done, thanks to you, and all the care and passion you put into it. Some of us, like Liz and Jude, say that it was like being in heaven.  The trip did have its rewards, both socially and spiritually.
AUSTRALIAN Dagmar Barnes, Western Australia

Dear Dana, it was lovely to have met you. I have enjoyed your interesting tour. 
Teresa Khoo from Singapore

Thank you for a memorable trip & we wont forget your dumplings. You must come & try the Chinese dumpling!
Lian, Pauline & Tee from Australia

Thank you for the exemplary service. 
Anthony and Stella from Singapore