In these countries there is no particular risk to safety. However, we advise you to keep an eye on your belongings in crowded areas at all times to prevent pickpocketing.

In Slovakia, Austria and Germany the official currency is the euro (EUR). In the Czech Republic people use the Czech Crown (CZK) and in Poland the Polish Zloty (PLN). Hungarians use the Hungarian Forint (HUF), Croatians use the Croatian Kuna (HRK) and the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina use the convertible mark (BAM). In the Russian Federation (Russia) the official currency is the Russian Rouble (RUB).

In all the countries mentioned above you can find many exchange offices and banks where it is completely safe to exchange money. However, when exchanging money at a bank you should be prepared for the possibility of
worse exchange rates and exchange fees. On the other hand, exchange offices (especially in smaller towns) may not be able to deal in less common currencies. It is always better to bring your money in EUR or USD and exchange in each country as needed.

Central and Eastern European countries have a relatively mild climate - the average summer temperature is around 21°C/70°F (hotter in lowlands, cooler in mountains) and the average winter temperature is approximately -7°C/19°F. However, summer months (June – mid September)  can have very hot days with temperature going up to 34 °C/94 °F. The winter daily temperature can go down to -15°C/5°F, especially in the mountain areas.
Balkan countries have more Mediterranean weather - both winter and summer are warmer and there might be no snow in winter. To get more detailed info about the weather you can expect during your trip, please contact us.

In principle there is no problem with any of the groups mentioned above. However, our pilgrimages can be a little bit demanding at times. Therefore, if you want to travel with little children let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements. Hotel do provide access for people with disabilities, but again, please, let us know exactly what what your needs are so that we can make all the necessary adjustments. Older travelers need not worry - most of our customers are over fifty (our oldest customer was over eighty :)).

As you might have noticed, our programmes have no fixed date. It means that you can choose whatever date you like and we will adjust. Do you want to experience Holy Mass at Christmas and enjoy shopping in a Viennese Christmas Market? Or would you prefer a short hike to Basilica Minor on the hill Mariánska hora and enjoy the beautiful view of the city of Levoča in summer? Every season has its own charms! Pick the date you prefer and leave the rest to us.

No problem! All our tours are tailor-made to your needs. Just let us know what pilgrimage tour you are interested in and what changes you want to make or create your very own one! Check our other websites to get some inspiration (www.slovakia-touroperator.sk or www.centraleuropetour.com).